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Mobility plan: last phase of consultation

  • Post last modified:03/11/2023

The mobility plan is a project built with and for the university community. Through the university’s participatory democracy platform, the sustainable development mission (Campus 30) would like to gather your opinions on various actions and any proposals you may have. The consultation will remain open from Monday 9 October until the evening of Sunday 5 November.

A decisive step for the mobility plan

The decision to launch a consultation process is motivated by the desire to develop a mobility plan that meets most of the needs of the university community. These needs may be common to all campuses, or specific to each university site. Mission Campus 30 has therefore been meeting with you regularly to gain a better understanding of your travel habits, through a mobility survey, the organisation of working groups on each campus and discussions at back-to-school events. The aim of this new stage is to prioritise the actions arising from all these discussions, but also to select new proposals that could be added to the mobility plan.

What happens next?

Once the consultation process is complete, the actions will be assessed in terms of feasibility, complexity and cost, in order to draw up a five-year timetable. Mission Campus 30 will then be able to finalise the diagnosis and action plan, and present the mobility plan to the university’s governing bodies. This document is intended to be shared with everyone, and in particular with the various agglomerations and communities of communes, which have taken over responsibility for mobility in 2019 under the Law on the Orientation of Mobility (LOM). By working together with all the players in Normandy, the university hopes to achieve the main objective set out in the mobility plan: to reduce the use of private cars in favour of soft modes such as two-wheelers, public transport and car-sharing.

In brief

  • The consultation will run from Monday 9 October to the evening of Sunday 5 November.
  • To take part: answer the questionnaire, support, comment or make one or more proposals.
  • Access the online consultation (in french)
  • This consultation is reserved for members of the university, students or staff.