Research & innovation

41 research units, including 21 joint units in three thematic fields:

  • Biology, imaging, health and environment (15)
  • Humanities & Social Sciences (16)
  • Science & Technology (10)

Main research areas


Neurosciences, Cancer, Emerging Diseases, Health and the Digital Age, Adaptation to Extreme Environments

Nuclear physics for energy and health

Ion-matter interaction / Hadrontherapy and radiotherapy / End-of-cycle / Radioisotope production

Chemistry and materials

Synthesis and characterization of organic / inorganic / hybrid materials for health and energy (zeolite, solar cells, biomaterials, etc.).

Memory and Peace

Neuroscience: impact of age, trauma, dementia. Peace-history link, humanities, political science…

Digital sciences and applications

Artificial intelligence / Cybersecurity / CIREVE virtual reality center / Digital documents

Environmental Sciences, Sustainability

Impact of climate change, Coastline retreat, Risks, Marine resources