Innovation & partnerships

Research, spin-off and technology transfer activities are an integral part of the institution’s culture.

These activities are supported by the “valorization, industrial contracts, regional/national subsidies” division of the Research and Innovation Department.

The university’s technical platforms provide technical support to the scientific community and industry.

Relations with the socio-economic world

The DRI’s “valorization, industrial contracts, regional/national subsidies” division is the main point of contact:

Ours missions:

  • promote synergies between companies and universities,
  • Supporting the transfer of research results to the socio-economic world
  • Promote innovation.

Our offers:

  • Identify the research unit capable of meeting your R&D needs
  • Provide you with technical platforms and equipment specific to the university
  • Assist you in the contracting process
  • Helping you in the search for financial partners

Our interventions:

  • Negotiate and draft industrial and commercial agreements and conventions
  • Detecting innovative projects and supporting technology transfers
  • Filing intellectual property rights
  • Find out more about business creation schemes

The “valorization, industrial contracts, regional/national subsidies” division is at your disposal to identify the type of contract best suited to your needs.

Maturation & technology transfer

Make the innovation that the territory needs. This is the ambition of Normandie Valorisation, which facilitates the transition of innovations from the research work carried out within the member institutions of Normandy University to the socio-economic world. Its mission is to protect, develop and enhance the intangible assets of Normandie Université’s member institutions. Its ambition is to make the innovation that the region needs.

Normandie Valorisation is in contact with all the players in the innovation ecosystem and has favoured to deploy a project-by-project strategy. Knowing that each project is unique and that needs vary, depending on the very nature of the innovation/invention concerned, it is important for Normandie Valorisation – for each project – to join forces if necessary with the partners most likely to contribute to the transformation of the idea into a reality on the ground.

Setting up a business

For 20 years, Normandie Incubation has been supporting project leaders in the creation and launch of their start-ups in Normandy. To date, the incubator has supported 280 projects and created 200 companies, with a 5-year survival rate of 75%.

The NormanDeepTech initiative was selected in February 2020 at the end of the call for projects “Integration of SATTs, incubators and accelerators” to deploy innovative training, support and acceleration actions. Supported by Normandie Incubation and Normandie Valorisation, NormanDeepTech has one ambition: to offer an innovative springboard based on the team, the offer, the market and the financing so that start-ups can quickly gain a foothold and potential. Built on the specific needs and opportunities of Normandy, this initiative enriches the existing offer, federates and amplifies interactions between Norman innovation players.