For its students, the university has a Student Health Service (SSE) offering free medical, psychological and social follow-up (in French). You can meet doctors, nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers. The SSE also contributes to the support and integration of disabled students.

A health check-up is provided to international students once they have arrived at our premises. Book an appointment here (in French)

Disability: physical and digital accessibility, support

The Relais Handicap Santé is there to guide you and advise you on how best to organise your studies. It can offer you solutions tailored to your situation throughout your university course.

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For staff, the university offers a preventive medicine service for risks related to professional activity. For day-to-day health, the general health system is responsible. For internationals, during your stay in France, you must have health insurance to cover your medical expenses. The actions to be taken may vary depending on your status and your length of stay.

More information on health precautions for foreign staff

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