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The university earns the DD&RS Label

  • Post last modified:03/11/2023

The Label DD&RS – développement durable et responsabilité sociétale – rewards higher education establishments committed to sustainable development and social responsibility (SD&RS). To obtain this SD&RS Label, it is necessary to demonstrate that the dynamic is real, integrated into the operation of the establishment at all levels, and structured to last over the long term. The University of Caen has just been awarded it for 4 years.

A very positive assessment

The label is built around 5 axes (1. Strategy and governance; 2. Education and training; 3. Research and innovation; 4. Environmental management; 5. Social policy), with 18 strategic variables. To obtain it, you need to validate at least 9 variables with a score of 3 or higher (on a scale comprising five evaluation levels: 1. Awareness; 2. Initiation; 3. Compliance; 4. Mastery; 5. Exemplarity).

The University of Caen Normandie validated 13 out of 18 variables. This is a very good result for a multi-disciplinary, multi-site university (13 campuses and university sites in 3 departments). The jury also praised the high quality and thoroughness of the university’s application and its track record.

The strengths of the UNICAEN application

Without being exhaustive, some of the strengths of the UNICAEN application deserve to be highlighted.

Strategy and governance

In terms of strategy and governance, it appears that the structuring and integration of the mission ensure that the cross-functional approach required to address SD&RS issues is taken into account. Territorial cooperation, which is highly developed at the Université de Caen Normandie, was also noted as a strength.

Research and innovation

The Research and Innovation theme highlighted the work carried out in recent years on open science, science with and for society (SAPS label) and, more recently, scientific integrity.

Environmental management

The Environmental Management section highlighted the work carried out over the last 10 years on the renovation of our facilities, energy savings and greenhouse gas emissions, not forgetting our actions in favor of biodiversity and waste management.

Social policy

Last but not least, the various initiatives in favor of inclusion and diversity were highlighted in the Social Policy section, particularly those relating to the quality of student life and support for people with disabilities.