University press of Caen

The Presses universitaires de Caen is a service that supports and promotes research carried out at the Université de Caen Normandie, or supported by one of its teams, through publishing. By mastering technical, legal, economic and editorial constraints, they fully integrate the establishment into a reasonable open science policy, by ensuring :

  • editorial functions: they offer researchers in all disciplines the added value of a rigorous editorial process (evaluation, contractualization in strict compliance with authors’ rights, content development, standardization and enrichment, association of structured digital content with permanent identifiers and rich, standardized metadata, inclusion in defined collections, etc.).
  • dissemination and distribution via the bookshop network (FMSH Diffusion), sales to individuals (LCDPU), online publishing on platforms (OpenEdition, Cairn…) or free deposit in open institutional archives.

This mastery of digital content development has enabled them to develop nationally-recognized expertise in two areas: publishing methods in a digital context (IR Métopes), and print and online publishing of complex works (source publishing).

Presses universitaires de Caen is located on Campus 1, on the first floor of the Research House of  de Human sciences.