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Eiffel Scholarship Winners

  • Post last modified:13/05/2024

In 2024, the University of Caen Normandie will welcome five Eiffel Scholars.

The 2024 winners were selected over 180 applications of excellence to pursue their studies at UNICAEN, in Engineering Sciences, Economics and Health Sciences. They come from Benin, Cameroon, Morocco and Togo.

I have always tried to give the best of myself during all my years of study, years during which I had to face a number of obstacles of various kinds, but which have also enabled me to build up a clear idea of what I’d like to become. Resolutely committed and devoted to the human cause, this Master’s degree in public health was part of my life plan, and to be given the opportunity to do it this year at the University of Caen Normandie, as part of the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship, is first and foremost a reward for all the efforts I’ve made so far, but also a strong message to all those who are fighting to achieve their goals.
I would like to thank the University of Caen Normandie and all those involved in setting up this Eiffel scholarship for having contributed so much to the realisation of my ambitions.

Melaine – CameroonEiffel 2024 Scholar for a Masters in Public Health, with a major in Clinical and Epidemiological Research Methods.

Every year, the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship programme, run by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, enables the best international students to enter our Masters and Doctorate programmes.

By selecting candidates on the basis of the excellence of their academic record and their career plans, the Eiffel programme enables French higher education institutions to attract and train future foreign leaders from all sectors in priority fields of study.