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“The program facilitated me an internship at GANIL”

  • Post last modified:01/07/2024

Discover the testimony of Martí, a second-year Master’s student in Physics, track in Nuclei, Atoms and Collisions (NAC) at the University of Caen Normandy (class of 2022-2024).

Since my early childhood, I have harboured a profound fascination for the sciences. Particularly during my high school years, my interest in Physics flourished. Subsequently, I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Physics at the University of Barcelona. In my final academic year, I delved into the complexities of Nuclear Physics by enrolling in dedicated courses and selecting it as the focus for my Bachelor’s thesis. Motivated by this experience, I resolved to apply for the NucPhys program.

What are the advantages of this programme ?

Opting for the theoretical track within the Erasmus Mundus in Nuclear Physics, I was fortunate to secure financial support from the Graduate School during the second year of my Master’s. This backing allowed me to deepen my commitment to Nuclear Physics significantly. Furthermore, the program facilitated an enriching internship at GANIL (Grand Accélérateur National d’Ions Lourds), where I honed my understanding of theoretical Nuclear Physics, particularly in Shell model calculations.

What’s next for you ?

Following this transformative experience in Caen, I intend to conclude my Master’s degree by undertaking my Master’s thesis at the University of Barcelona, my alma mater, with a focus on Quantum Field Theory. While my future path remains uncertain, my aspiration is to persist in the realm of research and pursue a Ph.D., although the specific field and location are yet to be determined.