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Denis Vivien, winner of the Danièle Hermann 2023 Prize

  • Post last modified:17/11/2023

Denis Vivien, professor and hospital practitioner in cell biology, director of the BB@C, Blood and Brain Institute, and the PHIND research unit, is the 2023 winner of the Danièle Hermann Prize, awarded unanimously by the jury of the Fondation Recherche Cardio-Vasculaire-Institut de France.

Denis Vivien was awarded the prize for his research project on “the diagnosis and treatment of strokes by targeting micro-THROMBI”. The aim of this technique is to visualise intracerebral blood clots using in vivo imaging tools (molecular MRI) and to target new therapies at the very site where the blood clots that cause ischaemic strokes form.

The aim of this project is to ensure better oxygenation of the suffering brain and limit the after-effects of a stroke.

Stroke accounts for 150,000 new cases every year in France. The Danièle Hermann Prize, awarded by the Fondation Recherche Cardio-Vasculaire – Institut de France, is in recognition of her research into better diagnosis and better short- and long-term management of stroke.