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“Caen is an excellent choice for my academic journey”

  • Post last modified:01/07/2024

Discover the testimony of Carolina, a second-year Master’s student in Physics, track in Radiation protection at the University of Caen Normandy (class of 2022-2024).

I have always been interested in physics and scientific research, which is why I chose to study for a Bachelor’s degree in Physics at the Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain), in my home city. Following my Bachelor’s, I chose to embark on the NucPhys Erasmus Mundus Master’s program, offered by a consortium of seven partner universities in three countries.

The opportunity to study in Spain, Italy, and now France, at the University of Caen Normandy, has enormously enriched my academic experience and allowed me to forge strong connections with people from diverse backgrounds.

What is the Graduate School ?

The first year posed some financial challenges, and I had to take on the role of a private tutor for several hours per week to cover the expenses of living abroad. This is why being awarded the N2P Graduate School scholarship for my second year has been a game-changer. It has greatly mitigated the financial burden, allowing me to completely focus on my studies and making my time in Caen truly enriching and fulfilling.

I’ve not only had the chance to enroll in courses such as ‘Physics of Medical Devices’ or ‘Radiotherapy’, which I didn’t get to study before and are of great interest to me, but I have also carried out a part-time internship at GANIL research facility (Grand Accélérateur National d’Ions Lourds).

Can you talk about your placement ?

This internship has helped me gain hands-on experience in various research aspects and has equipped me with practical skills beyond the classroom, including the use of analysis and simulation tools used by researchers.

Did you attend any events outside the classroom ?

I have also had the privilege of attending events like the World Nuclear Exhibition 2023 (WNE 23) in Paris, the GANIL Master Day, and a session of the bilateral France-UK WiN meeting on energy solutions, which have really motivated me and paved the way for my future plans.

What’s next for you ?

Looking forward, I am excited to continue my studies with a Master’s thesis in Germany and pursue a research-focused career, potentially abroad. As an international student, Caen has proven to be an excellent choice for my academic journey. I have found great teachers who have helped me along the way, and I have been fortunate to gain insight into the installations at GANIL.