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Mobile Phone

We recommend that you make sure to have a means of communication for your first days following your arrival in Caen. In order to be able to use your mobile phone in France, you should get all the necessary information from your service provider in your home country. Save important contact information and phone numbers: accommodation, university, emergency numbers.

Good to know:
  • there might be additional costs when making international calls (check your provider’s roaming rates if you are willing to pay the charges)
  • many applications allow you to communicate using only the internet (they rely on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which means you can avoid using a mobile telephone network)
  • some public areas offer free Wi-Fi, especially train stations and airports, but also some cafés or shopping centres

IN FRANCE: getting a French Mobile Plan
You can get mobile service packages which are generally known as forfaits in France. There are numerous offers, phone deals, phone plans and packages available: it is important to check the cancellation policy for contracts, fees for international calls, as well as fees for going over your limit.

Attention! Be aware of the cancellation policy and withdrawal periods if you sign a contract with a defined time commitment. There might be additional costs if you resign before the end of the contract.

In order to sign up for a phone plan from a French provider, you will need to provide certain document such as : ID/ passport, proof of accommodation of residency, residence permit and means of payment (you may need to have a French bank account already set up in order to provide your banking information RIB - relevé d'identité bancaire).

If you do not want to commit to a contract, you can purchase a rechargeable SIM card (carte prépayée) with a certain amount of phone credit (SMS, MMS, calling time, internet data) on it.

The main mobile phone providers in France are OrangeSFRBouyguesFree etc.
These main providers generally also offer services at a discounted price which are worth considering (e.g. prices starting from 2 € for 2h calling time, unlimited SMS and 50 megabytes internet data)

Before choosing a mobile phone provider and/or plan, you can have a look at comparison sites such as:

Internet access

The Wi-Fi network, Eduroam, is a secure wireless service that is available across our campuses and gives you free access to the Internet from your laptop or other mobile devices. You can only access the network after having completed your administrative enrolment process and thus having your Etupass (your numbered account at the University of Caen)

How to connect:
  1. Open the wireless settings on your laptop, tablet or mobile deviceand select Eduroam from the list of available wireless networks
  2. Enter your username n°étudiant@unicaen.fr (ex : 12345678@unicaen.fr) followed by your password (Etupass)
For more information on Eduroam
Wi-Fi areas and access points at Unicaen


Computer rooms equipped with high-speed internet connection are available on our campuses.
For more information

As for internet access in your accommodation, the situations are different and vary from one type of housing to another. Be sure to check the internet access conditions of your accommodation (in most cases, student residences provide free access to an internet network).

If your accommodation does not offer an internet connection, you can get an internet subscription from one of the many French internet providers, which include the main mobile phone providers Orange, SFR, Bouygues, Free

The costs for a monthly subscription vary between 15 and 50 € per month depending on the chosen options and provider. Most internet providers offer lower prices for the first year of subscription.

It is important to carefully read your contract in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

I.T. environment at UNICAEN

  • The Etupass is the key to the digital services provided by the University of Caen: it allows you to connect to our Wi-Fi network (Eduroam), to have access to the computer rooms, to ask for your student card, as well as to activate your Izly account.
    After your administrative registration, you will receive an email in your personal inbox which will enable you to activate your Etupass.
  •  Every student has his own Unicaen email address which is automatically created during the registration process (n°étudiant@etu.unicaen.fr). You must use this email address accessible using the Unicaen webmail (Zimbra) for your mail exchange with administrative and teaching staff of the university. More than just a mail system, “Zimbra” also allows you to consult your academic schedule.
  • You can use the catalogue des services numériques to access your personal information, your marks and results online, as well as edit your certificat de scolarité (proof of enrolment) and much more.
For more information, take a look at the section “Vie numérique” of the portal for student life and culture.

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Last update : June 18, 2021

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