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Budget & expenses

It is difficult to set an average budget that will fit all student profiles.
However here is a list of basic expenses that should enable you to prepare an intiale budget:
  • average monthly rent for a single room in a university residence: €275/month
  • room deposit for a university room: €255
  • housing insurance with third-party liability (mandatory): approx. 60 €/an
  • average meal at the university restaurants and cafeterias: 3.25/meal
  • Twisto monthly unlimited pass (under 26): approx. 30/month
  • basic university supplies: approx. 150/year
For other current expenses, we recommand that you check Numbeo.com, website that details the cost of living city by city, in the currency of your choice.
The student portal of Campus France also gives excellent advices to prepare your budget.

Bank account

If you are planning on staying for over a year in France, it is recommanded that you open a French bank account.
It will become very handy to receive financial aids, scholarships, reimbursement for your medical insurance by CPAM, or simply if you need to subscribe a monthly plan for your home internet or cellphone.

Opening a bank account is quite simple and fast. Most banks offers preferred benefits for students, such as free credit card or complementary cheap housing insurance. Make sure to study all the offers before you sign any contract.
Here is an non-exhaustive list of documents usually required to open a bank account in France :
  • a valid identification card or passport,
  • a valid residence permit (for non-European citizens),
  • an housing certificate (Crous certificate, housing tax report, property title, electrical bill…),
  • your léocarte or a registration certificate (available on your ENT).
Once you have a French bank account, you will be able to edit R.I.B. (Personal Bank Account Details), necessary document to order/receive bank transfers and obtain direct reimbursement from insurance companies.
You can also request a checkbook and a French debit or credit card to avoid bank and exchange fees usually applied by your bank when you use your credit card abroad.

You can find numerous bank agencies in Caen and its urban area, as well as online banks.
Here is a non-exhaustive list of bank agencies nearby our campuses:Good to know: most banks ar opened from Tuesday to saturday at noon, closed on Sunday and Monday.
Beware: most French banks refuse to open a bank account for short term residents (less than a year). If you need to do so anyway, the Banque postale would be your best option.

The Campus France turorial

IZLY: your campus credit card

By creating an IZLY account, you upgrade your (activated) léocarte into a university credit card that can be used on all UNICAEN and CROUS sites to easily access student fee-paying services:
  • university dining services and vending machines
  • CROUS laundromats
  • UNICAEN printing and photocopy services
IZLY is also available as an IOS and Android smartphone App.

Once created and activated, you have 2 options to load your account:
  • by debit card : ony if your debit card (Visa or Mastercard only) is combined with a bank account opened with a bank established within the EEA (the 27 EU members plus Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway) and registered with 3D Secure.
  • by bank transfer : French bank accounts only
Good to know: IZLY is a national acccount. When traveling in France, you have access to other CROUS restaurant at the same UNICAEN student rate and by using your léocarte or phone App.

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Last update : June 18, 2021

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