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40 two-year postdoctoral fellowships

Have you heard of the WINNINGNormandy Fellowship Programme? This programme aims at welcoming and training 40 international high-level post-docs in Normandy. It has received funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The call for applications is due to open in July 2021.

Increasing international attractiveness

Normandy region, situated in the North-West coast of France with 3.3 million inhabitants, is one of the most visited French regions. It is a very important and dynamic economic area for the country with its several sectors of excellence and innovation such as health, agri-food, energy, chemistry and automotive, naval and aeronautical construction.

The WINNINGNormandy Fellowship Programme will fund individual-driven research training and career opportunities for experienced researchers, who will design and implement their original research project in one of the Norman laboratories.

> list of UNICAEN labs – in French

Two calls are planned to recruit a total of 40 experienced researchers (20 in 2021 and 20 in 2022). The funding includes a maximum two-year post-doctoral contract.

Smart Specialisation Strategy

The projects will have to be implemented in the framework of one or several Norman Smart Specialisation Strategy domains:
  • Food industry “preserving and sustainably transforming agricultural, marine, forestry and production systems”
  • Energy “developing an energy mix towards zero carbon emissions”
  • Industry “transforming processes for a high-performance, sustainable and digital industry”
  • Mobility & logistics “developing low-carbon mobility solutions that are efficient and secure”
  • Health “accelerating synergies and innovation in the service of human and animal 5P medicine”
  • Risk management “making Normandy a resilient territory by mastering technological, natural, health and social risks”

Eligibility criteria and application

Visit the WINNINGNormandy website to get more information about the application process:




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