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The residence permit


If you need more information, contact us at the following address: intl.titresdesejour@unicaen.fr
Remember that you must use your Unicaen Webmail to contact members of the University staff. 


Once in France, you must take certain steps to make sure that your stay in France is legal throughout your studies. These steps are different for each type of visa:

You have a Long Stay Student Visa valid as residence permit (VLS-TS étudiant)

Even if this visa is in itself a residence permit, you must validate it with the French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII) within the first 3 months of your arrival in France.
Since February 18, 2019, the OFII does no longer accept paper files; the procedure is entirely digital: you can do everything remotely, at home, on your computer.

In order to do so you must connect to the OFII platform and follow the procedure.

You will need to provide the following pieces of information:
  • valid email address
  • visa details
  • entry date in France
  • your postal address in France
You will also need a debit/credit card to pay the online OFII tax of 60€ (check the portal for other payment terms).

Beware! If you have not done this within the 3 months following your arrival, you will no longer be able to lawfully remain in France and you will not be able to travel freely within the Schengen area.

You have a Long Stay Student Visa with an exemption of residence permit (VLST: “Visa Long Séjour Temporaire avec dispense de carte de séjour”)

You do not need to validate your residence permit with the Prefecture or follow the OFII procedure. Attention! This type of visa does not allow you to work.

You are an Algerian citizen

You must apply for a residence permit upon your arrival in France. You must not follow the OFII procedure but make an appointment with the Carré international to apply for a residence permit at the local Préfecture.

You are under 18 and have a visa “mineur scolarisé”

You must contact the Carré international upon your arrival in France (intl.titresdesejour@unicaen.fr)

You have a Visa "Concours"

You must make an appointment at the Prefecture of Calvados.

You are a doctorate student with a Long Stay Visa  "passeport talent - chercheur"

You must contact your Unicaen mobility manager to enquire about the appropriate steps to take.


If you wish to pursue your studies in France after the expiry of your VLS-TS Student visa or your student residence permit, you must submit an application for the renewal of your titre de séjour at least 2 months before the expiration of your current permit (Visa or residence card).
After giving your application to the Carré international, it will be sent to the préfecture for review.

Beware! Beyond this two months period, the préfecture will not be able to process your file in due time. The Carré international does not accept to take in the files of students with an expired residence permit/long stay visa; you will have to take an appointment at the local préfecture on your own : www.rdv.calvados.gouv.fr/

CHERBOURG, ALENCON & SAINT-LO CAMPUSES : students from these campuses are not affected by this new procedure and must apply for a residence permit at their local sous-préfecture.

Here are the steps to follow to renew your residence permit:
  • Step 1 : Complete the online survey.
  • Step 2 : Download, print and fill in the form
  • Step 3 : Whithin 7 days following step 1, drop the paper former along with the required documents (listed on the form) in the designated mail box in the main corridor of the Carré international (Campus 1, Building I), just outside room Li139, using the large envelope at your disposal on site.
  • Step 4 : Within 7 working-days after dropping your file :
    If your file is complete, it will be sent to the préfecture for review and process.
    If your file is incomplete, you will be contacted by the SPI team on your UNICAEN webmail (yourstudentnumber@etu.unicaen.fr - Please note that no mail will be sent to your personal address)
    Once your file has been transferred to the préfecture, you will reveive a proof of deposit on your UNICAEN webmail.
  • Step 5 : Your file is processed by the préfecture. This step can take from 2 weeks up to 3 months and no file will be given priority treatment.
  • Step 6 : you receive a summons for a meeting at the préfecture on your UNICAEN webmail, you might be asked to provide additional documents.
  • Step 7 : You go to your préfecture meeting to be handed in your récépissé or carte de séjour. You must have the original of your passport as well as the potential requested documents with you.
Once your file is send to the préfecture, the Carré international can no longer inform you of its status. If you want more information about the treatment of your file you may contact the préfecture directly : pref-etudiants-etrangers@calvados.gouv.fr 

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Last update : January 6, 2020

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