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Off-campus housing


Long-term private housing options

You also have the possibility to find off-campus private housing.
Procedures to access private rentals can be quite complicated, especially from abroad. You will be required to provide a lot of documents, including on your financial situation, and you will have to find a local resident that will agree to co-signed the rental contract with you (a guarantor that will be liable for your rents should you fail paying them). There are support systems to help you with this process (see Financial Aid section).

We have selected a non-exhaustive list of different private student residences in Caen and its urban area (pdf-270Ko).

You can also use Lokaviz, the CROUS-managed platform that provides a list of private rentals.
Good to know: all Lokaviz entries meet basic housing standards (capped security-deposit, minimum living space, and basic sanitary facilities). Using Lokaviz helps you avoid unpleasant surprises.

More information about Lokaviz : etudiant.gouv.fr/lokaviz
Search Lokaviz listings : lokaviz.fr


Housing options on UNICAEN distant campuses: Vire, Lisieux, Saint Lô, Cherbourg and Alençon

Even though these campuses are all attached to UNICAEN, they don't all provide CROUS housing options.
Each site offers many off-campus options, some of which being approved by the CROUS.


Temporary housing options

On your arrival in Caen, you may need a temporary housing option before accessing your final address.
In addition to the usual hotels and Air BnB-type platform, you might want to consider other, and sometimes cheaper, options such as young workers' foster residences, youth hostels and Appart'Hôtel residences.
Non-exhaustive list (pdf-520Ko)

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