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Housing assistance


Rental guarantee

To access housing rental in France, you will need to provide a rental guarantee. This is, for the landlords, the only way to guarantee that the monthly rents will keep on being paid if the occupants can't afford to pay them anymore.

You have 2 options:
  • the third-party guarantee.
    This is a physical person, local or European resident, that will co-sign the rental contract with you and will be held accountable for your rents should you face financial difficulties.
  • the Visale guarantee
    This national guarantee system is available to anyone between 18 to 30 applying for public or private housing.
Beware! Unlike the CROUS, private landlords are not required to accept the Visale as a rental guarantee. Before applying for Visale online, talk to your landlord (residence manager, homeowner, rental agency ...) to find out if they accept this type of guarantee.

More information about the visale guarantee system: visale.fr (in french)

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Rental financial aid: CAF

In France, your student status gives you access to specific social benefits, including the CAF housing financial aid (Caisse d'Allocations Familiales). Financial aid is given directly to the landlords and deducted from your monthly rent.
Once you have signed your rental agreement, you must create your personal CAF account on their website: www.caf.fr

At the beginning of the academic year, most university residences assist students with their CAF online application.

As an example, for a basic CROUS room in Caen with a monthly rent of €254, CAF financial aid is approximately €85/month. However, the amount may differ according to your specific situation (rent, city of residence, housing type and size, etc.)

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