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CROUS student housing


The CROUS Caen Normandie, partner of the University of Caen Normandy, offers different student housing options on our different campuses (single rooms, studios, T1 ...).

To request student housing at CROUS for 2020/2021, you must complete one or several applications on the  CROUS website (in french).

Beware! It is not necessary to wait for your UNICAEN confirmation to apply for CROUS housing. You have the possibility to make 2 housing choices in 3 different areas (académies) in France. The more you wait, the less likely you are to obtain the housing of your choice (the cheapest options are also the most popular!). You will have the possibility to cancel your booking and get a refund: without supporting documents before August 31st 2020 and with supporting documents (visa refusal, admission refusal, doctor's certificate...) after August 31st 2020.

More information on CROUS housing (in french).

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Last update : September 21, 2020

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