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The national health insurance plan (CPAM)


The sécurité sociale - CPAM is a national health insurance plan that allows full or partial reimbursements of your medical expenses in France:
  • 70% of medical expenses
  • 35 to 65% of drugs prescription
To claim additional reimbursement, or have access to certain cares with a very limited coverage by CPAM (dental and eye cares for instance), we recommend that you subscribe a fee-paying complementary insurance plan.

Affiliation to CPAM is mandatory and free for international students, except for European students holding the European Health Insurance Card.
Beware! The European card must be requested in your country of origin, before your departure to France. Without that card, even European students will has to register for CPAM to benefit from the national health insurance plan.

The proof of CPAM affiliation will be required for various administrative procedure, including the renewal of your resident permit or the signature of a job contract.

To register to CPAM and get additional information regarding the French health care system (general practitioner, Vitale card, medical exams...), check the Ameli website dedicated to international students (in french).

Good to know: It is not necessary to wait for the receipt of your residency permit or the OFII sticker to register at CPAM. The registration can be done as soon as you receive your registration certification after registering at UNICAEN upon arrival.

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