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Complementary health insurances


To supplement the reimbursements covered from the French national health care plan (CPAM), you can suscribe to a complementary health insurance plan (also known as « mutuelle » ou « complémentaire santé »).
As an example, here is the reimbursement chart for a consultation with a general practitioner, one of the most common medical act:

Having a complementary health insurance plan is not mandatory but strongly recommended especially if you plan to spend a full academic year in France or if you need specific and regular medical cares for an existing pathology.
Those complementary plans are fee-paying: you will be charged a monthly fee that will vary depending of the type of plan you choose.
For your information, basic plans cost around 15€ per month and can cost over 40€ per month for premium plans.

Here is a selection of insurance companies that have a long tradition of providing student's health care plans:

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Last update : February 11, 2021

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