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Exchange students - Choose your courses

Choose your courses


You have come to study at UNICAEN for a year or a semester. To choose the courses you will take, we recommend that you consult the list of courses provided below.

Useful information to choose the courses you will take

The University of Caen Normandy is composed of several UFR (faculties). During your mobility period at UNICAEN, you will be affiliated to a main UFR (you will find this information in your acceptance letter). It will be called your MAIN AFFILIATION DEPARTMENT (COMPOSANTE D’ACCUEIL in French).

List of the UFRs in which you can take courses

  • UFR Law
  • UFR HSS (Literature, Language Sciences, History, Sociology, Performing Arts, Philosophy)
  • UFR LVE (Languages)   
  • UFR Psychology (Psychology)
  • UFR SEGGAT (Economics, Geography, Management)
  • UFR STAPS (Sport)
  • UFR Sciences (Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Earth Sciences)
  • IAE (Management, Finance)

Please note that the 3 departments listed below are not currently included in the course catalogue. You can find information on their course schedule directly on their website :


2 rules for choosing your courses at UNICAEN

Rule n°1 :
Minimum 60% of your courses load must be chosen among the courses offered by your main affiliation department. The remaining 40% can be freely chosen either from your main affiliation department or from one or more other UNICAEN UFRs.

Rule n°2 : You can choose courses of different levels: first year (L1), second year (L2), third year (L3), fourth year (M1), fifth year (M2) courses. You do not have to choose your courses in a single level. You may take courses at several levels.
All exchange students who wish to improve their level of French have the possibility to choose the course entitled "Français Langue Etrangère" (French as a Foreign Language) - 3 ECTS. This course is given by the Carré international in the evening (18:00-19:30).
Depending on your level of French, you will be placed in a different course (A1 or A2 for beginners) B1 or B2 (for intermediate level), C1 (for advanced level). So choose the code that best suits you.
Course code: FLE (followed by language level A1 or A2 or B1 or B2 or C1) + S1 (for semester 1) or S2 (for semester 2). Example: FLEA2S1 for the A2 level French course taught in semester 1.

IMPORTANT PRECISION: For students who stay for a full academic year you have a choice of additional courses which are displayed when you select the period "Semestre 1 et 2 (année entière)". On the homepage of the catalogue. Do not forget to consult them to make your choice of courses.


Steps to follow for your study program at UNICAEN

STEP 1 : consult our course catalog “pick-your-courses.unicaen.fr”, choose your courses and fill in your learning agreement on line
Please note that:

  • 1 semester of studies = 30 ECTS (Learning agreement: minimum 25 ECTS- maximum 40 ECTS)
  • 1 academic year of studies = 60 ECTS (Learning agreement: minimum 55 ECTS- maximum 70 ECTS)

STEP 2 : signature of your learning agreement (home institution and faculty advisor at UNICAEN)

STEP 3 : you must go to your main affiliation department to proceed with your academic registration. Your academic enrollment must match your learning agreement. If you have chosen courses in several departments, you have to go to each of them for separate registration. Make sure to bring your printed learning agreement.

Do you need help?

Get help from your UNICAEN academic coordinator: you will find his / her name on your acceptance letter.

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