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Registration: L/M/D degree-seeking students


International students registering for the first time in French higher education must proceed to their admistrative registration (inscription administrative) on site.
ATTENTION! Starting Monday, September 9th, registrations will take place in office AC 072 (Campus 1, Building A).

Here are the different steps necessary to complete your registration:
  1. Student and campus life contribution (CVEC)
  2. Administrative Registration
  3. Medical Check-up
  4. Academic Registration
  5. The Etupass
  6. The Student Card: la léocarte
  7. Other Important Procedures
  8. FAQ


  • Create an online account on Messervices.etudiant.gouv.fr.
  • Log onto the website cvec.etudiant.gouv.fr to pay for your CVEC (€91).
  • Dowload and print the document with your CVEC number. You will have to hand in this document on the day of your administrative registration.


  • Make an appointment
Make an appointment online to register at the Guichet unique:
Beware! Make sure to write down the date and time of your appointement because you will not receive a confirmation email.
  • Documents
On the day of your appointment you must bring the following documents with you:
A valid passport,
Your admission letter,
Your diplomas,
Your completed information sheet (PDF - 330 ko),
Your printed CVEC receipt.
  • The Admissions Office
On the day of your appoiment, before you start your registration, go to the Admissions Office (Campus 1, building A, door AC 046) to have your diplomas checked and your admission letter stamped.
  • Your Guichet unique appointment
Our team at the Guichet unique welcomes you and proceeds to your administrative registration (Campus 1, building A, door AC 072).Right after your Guichet unique appointment, you will have to pay you registration fees (Licence: €170, Master: €243, Doctorate: €380, Engineering Diploma : €601) at the Caisse-Cashier in building A.
Accepted means of payment: credit/debit card, cheque (addressed to "Régisseur de la DEVE"), cash (maximum €300 and no change available - Please bring in the exact amount)
Beware! You registration will only come into effect after payment of the tuition fees.


On the day of your registration appoiment, you must make an appointment for a medical check-up (in french) with the University Centre for Medical Prevention and Health Promotion (SUMPPS - Service universitaire de médecine préventive et de promotion de la santé) on one of the self-service computers available at the Guichet unique.

4. ACADEMIC REGISTRATION (inscription pédagogique)

Go to the secretariat of your department of studies (UFR) to proceed with your academic registration and obtain more information about your courses' schedule.
You will also find most of these information on the dedicated web portal of your department of studies.
This is a mandatory step to be registered in your diploma, attend the exams and receive your transcripts. Without, you will not be granted access to the classrooms.


Create your Etupass using the email that you received following you administrative registration.
Attention! You must create your Etupass to request your léocarte, have access to your UNICAEN webmail and online classe information, connect to the university Wi-Fi and access your IT services. 


After activating your Etupass, log onto sgc.unicaen.fr to request your léocarte. Shortly afterwards, you will receive an email on your UNICAEN webmail with information as to when and where to collect the card.
Beware! After receiving your léocarte, don't forget to activate it on sgc.unicaen.fr



What are the tuition fees at UNICAEN for 2019/2020?
The University Board of Directors recently voted in favour of the partial exemption of differentiated enrollment fees for Non-EU/EEA students. However, these students still have to pay the regular enrolmment fee for EU/EEA residents (Licence: €170, Master: €243, Doctorate: €380, Engineering Diploma: €601). This partial exemption will be applied automatically; there is no special request to be submitted to the university.
More information:

La CVEC, what is it?
The CVEC (Contribution Vie Étudiante et de Campus), the Student and Campus Life Contribution, is a new annual fee which helps to finance on-campus programs enhancing student experience. It is mandatory to register to university.
More information on CVEC:

What if my arrival in France is delayed due to problems with the issue of my student visa?
We have a strict policy about late arrivals. If you arrive after the date written on your admission letter, you will not be allowed to enroll. No exception will be made. If you find yourself in that situation, we urge you not to come France and wait for next year.
Registration calendar: http://webetu.unicaen.fr/inscription/infos-pratiques/calendriers/

What is the léocarte?
The Léocarte is proof that you are a student at UNICAEN. It is mandatory to take your exams and enjoy student benefits (dining on campus, university libraries, on campus sports activities, discount rates on transportation...). The léocarte is equipped with the IZLY system and once your IZLY account has been set up and credited, it can be used as an easy on-campus means of payment.
More information on your léocarte: http://vie-etudiante.unicaen.fr/vie-numerique/leocarte-votre-carte-etudiante/

Etupass: How do I get it? What is it for?
The Etupass is a digital account assigned to each UNICAEN student. It is automatically generated when you first register at UNICAEN and allows you to access all your student IT services.
More information on the Etupass: vie-etudiante.unicaen.fr/vie-numerique/etupass/
You can activate your Etupass from the email sent to you following your administrative registration.
Beware! You must activate your Etupass to request your léocarte. Your Etupass gives you access to your UNICAEN webmail, online class schedule, campus Wi-Fi and IT services. 

IZLY: what is IZLY? How do I use it? 
UNICAEN campuses are cashless. You can pay for your campus services (dining, snacking, printing, laundry...) using a credit/debit card or IZLY, an online payment method which allows you to turn your léocarte into a pre-paid credit card. You will then be able to use it in university restaurants, cafeterias and vending machines. IZLY is also availbale as a mobile app.
You will receive an email, sent by the CROUS, on your UNICAEN webmail to set up your IZLY account.

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